Empowering Utility Systems for Success

Get crucial support in advisory, compliance and regulatory services.

We foster relationships with 35+ TVA electric utilities. We work with utility systems in all areas including electric, gas, water, sewer and telecom. ATA helps you grow and stay protected.

  • Reassurance in compliance
  • Assistance with technical rules and issues
  • Apply our experience and expertise to your organization’s goals.
  • Plan for long-term growth.

ATA + Utility Systems


After several years of operating a telecom system, it was discovered that the allocation between the utility's electric division and telecom division needed to be evaluated for accuracy and approved by their regulatory authority.


While there was much tension and anxiety, we were confident in our ability to dig into the numbers and offer our client a successful solution.


After many hours of analysis and discussion, we were able to reach a very favorable settlement for our client. As a result, our client was extremely pleased, and we continue to maintain a strong relationship.

What Clients Say...

ATA provides a wealth of knowledge and best practices due to their vast experience in the utility industry.

-Nancy Nanney, Jackson Energy Authority

Experience Matters

Our goal is to be proactive in navigating our clients through regulatory and compliance issues while providing a positive experience. ATA has established many long-term relationships with utilities across the Southeast because of our reliable reputation.

-Stephen Eldridge, Partner


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