As an independent professional, ATA provides assurance services allowing business owners to get a clearer, more concise picture of the business itself. The audited financial statements not only meet the necessary compliance function, but also provide credibility to a company’s financial picture and objectively present information allowing companies better decision-making capability.

  • Industry specific financial reporting services
  • Audits, reviews, and compilations of financial statements
  • Organizational performance measurements
  • Internal controls
  • Internal audits – banking and financial
  • External audits – governmental, small business, nonprofits and utilities

What Clients Say...

You want your accounting firm to be pro-active and not reactive. These guys and girls think about my issues before they become problems!! That is money well spent!

-Brent Cooper, Volunteer International, INC.

Experience Matters

As an office in a smaller community, we have a large number of clients that are our friends and neighbors. We have a strong desire and sense of loyalty to see our clients succeed, since they are not only clients but friends and neighbors. This instills a sense of loyalty in myself to our clients and hopefully in our clients toward our office. We see our clients at ballgames, church and other community and social events on a regular basis, so we always want to be aware of issues that could impact them. The diversity of expertise we have as a firm, allows us to offer services to our clients that are typically not available to smaller community clients.

-Craig Atwill, Partner